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Radical co-op plan to let families build dream home in city centre

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FAMILIES will be able to cut out property developers and plan their own homes on vacant sites in co-operation with others looking to experience the next generation of city centre living

A radical plan by Dublin City Council aims to address the shortage of suitable homes in the capital while steering away from building more semi-detached houses in far-off suburbs.

It is offering a city centre site for just €150,000 to a group of people willing to form a co-operative and build a six-storey block with room for at least two family-sized homes.

Instead of settling for poky apartments reminiscent of the Celtic Tiger years, families are expected to opt for spacious maisonettes cleverly designed to fit into the space available.

- See more at: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/radical-coop-plan-to-let-families-build-dream-home-in-city-centre-30446354.html#sthash%2EYppuiPx3%2Edpuf

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This Texas Professor Is Turning A Dumpster Into The World’s Ultimate Tiny Home

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It’s ambitious. It’s a little crazy. It’s 30 square feet.

For the last four months, environmental science professor Jeff Wilson has been living in a 30-square-foot dumpster on the campus of Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas,plotting ways to turn the former trash bin into one of the world’s most sustainable tiny homes.

Why a dumpster? Wilson wanted to rethink the resources used by a typical single-family home, and dumpsters happen to be about 1% of the size of the average new American house. He also likes the symbolism.

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Billboard Houses For The Homeless

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Slovakian architecture agency Design Develop has launched a plan to turn roadside billboards into houses for the homeless.

According to the initiators of the Gregory Project, the triangular space in between the four sides of the roadside billboards are mostly unused, though they offer great spaces for housing. The houses would contain two separate rooms. One room combines the entrance hall with a kitchen, a small desk, and a raised bed with storage space underneath, while the other room functions as a bathroom. One of the advantages of using these spaces for living is that the billboards are already connected to electricity as the billboards are illuminated during nights. Also the revenues of the advertisements partly pay for the maintenance of the apartments.

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Smart or stupid: will our cities of the future be easier to hack?

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As more and more machines are entrusted with managing city infrastructure systems, the prospect of disruption – and worse – through cyber terrorism appears ever more real

News update: cyber terrorists have hacked into the electricity company supplying a residential area of the city and caused a blackout. They’ve sent an email with their demands to restore power - it’s a significant amount of money. The city’s cyber defenders have been tasked with retaking control of the compromised machines and restoring power to citizens.

Don’t panic. Not yet, anyway. This isn’t a real city. Nor is it a scene from Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s much-hyped new game in which hacker Aiden Pearce takes control of Chicago’s infrastructure (from traffic lights to private data) via the smartphone in his pocket.

Instead, the scenario comes from CyberCity, a virtual urban environment set up by US government contractor Counter Hack to train officials in the threats facing our ever more computer-controlled cities. Trainees access the networked devices running the city from a remote location, but there is a physical aspect too: a six-by-eight-foot, 3D model of CyberCity with all the facilities you’d expect.

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'Digital Shadow' Is Stalking You and It Knows More Than You Think

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It might not be a person who knows us best, but instead our computers, thanks to the digital crumbs of seemingly innocent personal information many of us put online.

Digital Shadow, a promotion for the Ubisoft game called “Watch Dogs,” which comes out later this month, scrapes consenting users’ Facebook profiles and prepares a dossier of private information about them that is eerily accurate.

"We collectively are being scraped all day everyday. Not just by Facebook, but by virtually every website we visit via our browser and the various website technologies that we have built in," Robert Siciliano, an identity theft expert with McAfee, told ABCNews.com.

"What you’re seeing here is a collective of a variety of tech all harnessed into this stunt that provides a transparent look of what’s going on behind the scenes," he said.

Digital Shadow pulls from your tagged photos, even boasting: “We know who you are.”

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Vergaderen bij MAC3PARK

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Uw bijeenkomst in goede handen
Een vergaderruimte bij MAC³PARK is snel geboekt en goed geregeld! Mac3Park beschikt over 14 vergaderzalen van diverse afmetingen in Almere, Lelystad, Emmeloord en Dronten.

Ook de Creative Campus in Almere biedt unieke mogelijkheden voor uw bijeenkomst. Naast 5 vergaderzalen met een capaciteit tot 90 personen is er De Beurshal van maar liefst 2.700 m2. Een veelzijdige ruimte met een industriële uitstraling en zeer geschikt voor grootschalige exposities, beurzen, seminars en diners.

Alle locaties van MAC³PARK beschikken over een bemande receptie, ze zijn goed bereikbaar, er is volop gratis parkeergelegenheid en gratis Wi-Fi.

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Smart Cities Need Smart Citizens

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The final public report of the SMARTiP project was launched in March 2014 at the Future Internet Assembly in Athens, where over 500 delegates were able to find out about a wide range of “smart city” initiatives. SMARTiP was one of a number of “Connected Smart City” projects that was profiled at the event, with a special seminar on smart cities taking place on the Monday directly before the conference.

You can read and download the report here.
Smart Cities Need Smart Citizens 

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Wat is Stadsinitiatief RiF010?
Watersporten op hoge golven. Aan het begin van de Rotte in het hart van Rotterdam ontstaat volgend jaar een watersportgebied waar iedereen kan golfsurfen, kajakken, raften en bodyboarden op golven van 1,5 meter hoog. In het gezuiverde water van de Rotte kan je straks ook zwemmen en scuba duiken.
Meer info op www.rif010.nl